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Experience The Peace Within You

Free Introductory Meetings
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Meetings Description:
Sahaja meditation is a powerful yet simple meditative technique for providing the stress relief and balanced health that is so much missing in today’s fast and modern life. These introductory meetings allows you to experience first hand the meditative technique and also know the basics of our inner subtle body. Every class consists of a well-guided meditation, personal and interactive workshops and audio / video presentations. You will also be provided with the material needed to guide you through the meditation process.

For weekly meetings in bay area and more about Sahaja meditation please visit http://www.sfbaymeditation.org

Experience The True Divinity Within You.

Sahaja meditation is a unique method of meditation based on an awakening that can occur within each human being. Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced. One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world.
This is the actualization of such transformation, which is taking place now, worldwide, and has been proved and experienced by hundreds of thousands in over 85 countries. It is entirely free of charge, as one cannot pay for the experience of Divine Love. We invite you to experience it yourself.
Visit http://www.sahajameditation.org


Visit www.sahajameditation.org/